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  • R: The R Project for Statistical Computing

    R 语言特点 R 语言环境软件属于 GNU 开源软件,兼容性好、使用免费 语法十分有利于复杂的数学运算 数据类型丰富,包括向量、矩阵、因子、数据集等常用数据结构 代码风格好,可读性强 虽然 R 主要用于统计分析或者开发统计相关的软件,但也有人用作矩阵

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  • RStudio | Open source & professional software for

    R是一套完整的数据处理、计算和制图软件系统。. 其功能包括:数据存储和处理系统; 数组 运算工具(其向量、 矩阵 运算方面功能尤其强大);完整连贯的统计分析工具;优秀的统计制图功能;简便而强大的编程语言:可操纵数据的输入和输出,可实现分支、循环,用户可自定义功能。. 与其说R是一种统计软件,还不如说R是一种数学计算的环境,因为R并不是仅仅提供 ...

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  • magrittr - What does %>% mean in R - Stack Overflow

    RStudio Workbench. Take control of your R and Python code. An integrated development environment for R and Python, with a console, syntax-highlighting editor that supports direct code execution, and tools for plotting, history, debugging and workspace management.

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  • Microsoft R Open

    2020-12-28 · 前言 这是李东风的《R语言教程》的草稿, 还在更新中。 错漏之处难免,欢迎指出错误或提出改进意见。 相关下载: Rbook-data.zip:一些配套数据的打包文件 bookdown-template-v0-5.zip:R Markdown和bookdown的模板 书中的数学公式使用MathJax库显示, 下面是 ...

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  • The R Graph Gallery – Help and inspiration for R charts

    2017-8-22 · R命令提示符. 当安装好了 R 开发环境以后,那么通过在命令提示符下键入以下命令,就可以启动 R 命令提示符 -. R. Shell. 或者,在Windows系统下 -. C:UsersAdministrator> R. Shell. 这将启动R解释器,您将获得一个提示 > 您可以在以下开始编写程序 -. 上图程序中,第一个 ...

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  • R - ArchWiki - Arch Linux

    2021-8-2 · Configuration. Whenever R starts, its configuration is controlled by several files. Please refer to Initialization at Start of an R Session to get a detailed understanding of startup process.. Environment. R first loads site and user environment variable files. The name of the site file is controlled by the Environment variables R_ENVIRON if it exists, and defaults to /etc/R/Renviron.

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  • R Graphics Cookbook, 2nd edition

    2021-7-30 · 经管之家(原人大经济论坛)R语言论坛在线学习,R语言培训,专为R语言爱好者提供R语言软件及R语言教程下载学习,R语言初学者指南,R语言实战,数据挖掘与R语言下载,经管之家(原人大经济论坛)是国内活跃的经济学,管理学,金融学,统计学在线教育和咨询网站!

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  • Introduction to R

    2020-10-26 · R is a language! You do data analysis by writing functions and scripts, not by pointing and clicking. That may sound daunting if you are new to programming, but R is an easy language to learn, and a very natural and expressive one for data analysis. Working with R is an interactive experience that encourages experimentation, exploration and play.

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  • The R Journal

    2021-2-9 · The R Journal The R Journal is the open access, refereed journal of the R project for statistical computing. It features short to medium length articles covering topics that should be of interest to users or developers of R. The R Journal intends to reach a wide audience and have a thorough review process. Papers are expected to be reasonably short, clearly written, not too technical, and of ...

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  • R Programming - Tutorialspoint

    2018-4-11 · R is a well-developed, simple and effective programming language which includes conditionals, loops, user defined recursive functions and input and output facilities. R has an effective data handling and storage facility, R provides a suite of …

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  • R&R - What does R&R stand for? The Free Dictionary

    2021-7-30 · 欢迎访问R汽车官方网站,我们将为您提供超长续航R ER6新能源轿车、MARVEL R智能SUV电动车的最新介绍及图片报价,免费预约试驾等

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  • Google

    2016-12-19 · 0.前言 虽然很早就知道R被微软收购,也很早知道R在统计分析处理方面很强大,开始一直没有行动过。。。直到 直到12月初在微软技术大会,看到我软的工程师演示R的使用,我就震惊了,然后最近在网上到处了解和

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